Cylay Help


1. Download Cylay from Cydia (Or our official Cydia source:;

2. Register new account or use the exist account login.

3. If your device is iPhone please input the sim card change reception number.

4. Login to to control your iDevices.

Cylay need push notifications support,Push need network support.So make sure you have network (wifi/3G/Edge/EvDO/GPRS) when trying to connecting to your device.



Just remove it from cydia then reboot your device.

About SMS Control:

SMS control use sms to control your iPhone (Only iPhone support).The iPhone will not show then sms contact that install Cylay.It's the same as you are using the need network and SMS control does not need network.

SMS command format:



The command start with CY(No case sensitive),split with Comma,then follow your account password.When Cylay receive this will give you response and execute the command that you have request.

All command list:

  • CYHELP - View the help message.
  • CYDELETE - Delete your all iPhone data,including:AddressBook,Photo album,Text message,Recents call,Media,Notes and so on.
  • CYTEST - Test the SMS works or not.After sending this command you should get response that tell you Cylay is working.
  • CYFTEXT - Enabled SMS forward to the number that who send this command.
  • CYDTEXT - Close the SMS forward.
  • CYLOST - Set your iPhone as LOST status.It backup,locate,upload,lock your iPhone immediately,the unlock password is 0000.
  • CYLOCATE - Locate your iphone for once.then show you the google maps link.
  • CYFOUND - Set FOUND to stop the LOST action. 
  • CYLOCK - Lock your iPhone use password 0000.
  • CYUNLOCK - Unlock your iPhone.
  • CYBEEP - Start alarm even the iPhone in silent mode.
  • CYSTOPBEEP - Stop the alarm feature.



Q:After lock from I can not unlock my device?

A:Try the passcode 0000.


Q:Lock feature does not work on my device?I have installed lockinfo.

A:Cylay does not work with lockinfo now.So you can use the system passcode lock,that you can lock it immediately from


Q:What is forward SMS?Does it support outgoing text?

A:Forward SMS is the advance feature that you want to listen SMS from your device.When new message received,Cylay will forward the SMS to the number that you have set via SMS.It does not support outgoing SMS now.


Q:What is Fake Black Screen option?

A:This option use for Prevent ShutDown feature.When you enabled Don't Allow ShutDown or Prevent ShutDown.It gives an option that Cancel the Power Off action or Just fake shut off action.


Q:What is SMS command?

A:SMS command is the same as use for when the device can not connected,and you know the can use SMS command to control it.Like lock;track;backup and so on.The SMS command start as CY and password match,the password is your account password.You can try cytest,password to yourself iPhone that install cylay.You should get response from Cylay.


Q:Why my devices can not online,always timeout when attempting to connect?

A:Please make sure your push is can download a app from app store it call iPushTest.If you can not pass the push test.that may be you need fix your push contact for more information.


Q:Why the location show at is far away from me?

A:The location is based on your iPhone location services.When inside the room.You are using the cell tower locate or WIFI locate.So you will see a blue radius draw on map.When outside and it use the AGPS signal to locate.


Q:Why I can't saw the details on the maps?I live in Israel.

A:Sorry.the google map SDK we have use does not support Israel now.


Q:Why my lock screen was replaced by Cylay Inside image?

A:Because you have set the LOST feature from to set FOUND and it will disappear.


Q:How can I unsubscript Cylay services?

A:Contact using the account email.


Q:How can I restore the data from Cylay backup?

A:Download the newest backup data then unzip it.

  • AddressBook - AddressBookImages.sqlitedb,AddressBook.sqlitedb replace to iPhone /var/mobile/Library/AddressBook/
  • Notes - Notes/*.* replace to iPhone /var/mobile/Library/Notes/
  • Text - SMS/*.* replace to iPhone /var/mobile/Library/SMS/
  • CallHistory - CallHistory/*.* replace to iPhone /var/mobile/Library/CallHistory/



A:If you receive text :Cylay:The number has been change to this number.This is the very important message that informed you the new number of the iPhone.You can stop the unauthorized sim card by clicking Cylay app-Login-Settings-Bind mobile-Set current SIM as default.



Last change:July 11,2011.